In hopes of providing clarity to potential new members, for this week’s blog post, here at Freedom Boat Club of Delaware, we are covering the array of questions we receive from those who are curious about how exactly our boat club works.

How Much Does A Membership Cost?

The most common question asked about boating on Delaware via opting to become a member of Freedom Boat Club is, “How much does it cost me?”


Just like purchasing a house, the price is dependent upon which location you are choosing to become a Freedom Boat Club member. This is because there are different costs that go into owning and maintaining boats in different regions of the country, making it unwise to have a flat rate across each of the over 165 boat club locations throughout the United States. We are fortunate, though, to have among the lowest membership rates in the country here in at our Boat Club locations in Lewes and Long Neck, Delaware.


Upon joining, there are two pricing components:

  1. A one-time entry fee to join the club
  2. An affordable membership plan that best suits each member’s needs

The one-time fee and the cost of the monthly membership plan vary depending on where you join, and the type of plan you select.


What Does The Freedom Boat Club Membership Include?

As a member, you receive a variety of perks, but in a nutshell, the following are the main benefits of becoming a Freedom Boat Club member:

  • Unlimited access to our fleet of boats
  • Free, unlimited one-on-one boat training taught by licensed U.S. Coast Guard captains
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Special events and social gatherings


The only thing that is not including for boating with your membership is fuel. We use fuel flow meters in order to determine the exact amount of fuel that is used during your boating excursions so that you are only charged for the fuel that you use during your boating excursions.


Will I Always Have Access To Boats?

Outside of being asked, “How much does it cost to be a boat club member?” the million dollar question we here at Freedom Boat Club is, “Will I have access to a boat when I want one?”

The answer to this question is, of course, a resounding yes, assuming that you plan correctly.

Every Freedom Boat Club location — including our boat clubs in Delaware here in Lewes and Long Neck — operates under the standard 10:1 ratio, meaning that we keep one boat in stock for every ten members. This formula has proven to be an effective one after over 30 years of providing boat club memberships to the community. Whenever new members are added, a new boat is purchased and added to the available fleet for every ten new members that join. This ensures that everyone that wants to go boating on Delaware on a particular day or weekend is able to do so.

This does not mean that you should wait until the last minute to plan your outing, though, especially if you are interested in reserving a specific boat from our fleet. While being a member reserves you the perks of being able to stop by our marina, hop on a boat, and get out on the water in no time without all of the preparation that goes into bringing your own boat to the lake, you should always look to reserve your boat at least a week in advance, if not more. This is especially true for busy holiday weekends where everyone and their brother is trying to get some boating time in with friends and family.

However, if you do decide to plan a last minute boating trip on the lovely Delaware Bay, not all hope is lost! You can also call into our docks at any time to check on the availability of boats. If there is a boat in the dock that is unreserved or has already been returned for the day, it’s all yours!


How Many Times Can I Use A Boat?

As a Freedom Boat Club member, you receive true freedom — your usage is unlimited. That being said, you can place four boating reservations at a time. This means that you must wait until using one of your four reservations prior to being able to book another. Once you are a member, though, there are no limitations to how many reservations that you choose to make throughout the boating season as long as you are using them!

To learn more about our boating reservations, watch the video below:

If I Need to Cancel My Membership, May I Do So Without Penalty?

Here at Freedom Boat Club of Delaware, we know there are a variety of circumstances that can arise that can inhibit your ability to make use of your boating membership. Unlike most other membership organizations, we take this into consideration, which is why we make it very easy to terminate your membership regardless of your reason.

In order to cancel a membership, all you must do is provide written notice at least 60 days in advance of your requested cancellation date. Upon receiving your request, we will process your cancellation and contact you upon its completion.


We hope that this information provides you with some clarity about how our boat membership works here at Freedom Boat Club of Delaware. We do everything within our power to be transparent with our boating community members and to provide the very best boating experience possible on the Delaware Bay.

If you’re ready to become a member and make the most of your time living in Delaware, fill out our form today to join!