At Great Cape May-Lewes Ferry, there are tons of activities and events that are great fun for the entire family! Not only can you cross the bay in a fun and exciting way, but you can also explore the bay and experience live shows! In today’s blog from our team at Freedom Boat Club in Delaware, and in honor of our new Freedom Boat Club location at the Lewes Ferry Terminal, we are going to dive into some of the great activities you and the family can enjoy at Great Cape May-Lewes Ferry! Want to learn more about our boating club? Check out our website and contact us today to learn more! 


Shuttle your car

Ferry rides are fun for people of all ages. But did you know that the ferry can shuttle people, bikes, cars, and even semi-trucks? That’s right — all manner of people traveling in all sorts of ways can enjoy a relaxing ferry ride across the Delaware Bay. Sure, you could drive, but where is the fun in that? The ferry allows you to kick back, relax, maybe enjoy a nice meal, and watch as you lackadaisically cruise across the bay.


Try the cuisine

What everybody may not be aware of is that there is a fantastic restaurant called the On The Rocks Dockside Grill at the Lewes Terminal! The grill has an expansive selection of food and drinks that you can enjoy while gliding across the Delaware Bay. Additionally, there is an entire food court on the second deck of the ferry, an indoor bar on the second deck, and an outdoor bar on the third. So next time you are in the area and hungry for a bite to eat, come ride the ferry and check out the awesome cuisine on board, or check out the On The Rocks Dockside Grill at Lewes Terminal for a nice lunch or dinner with a great view! 

Catch a concert

There are live events and concerts happening all of the time on the ferry at the Lewes Terminal and at the Cape May Terminal! You can go and enjoy live music nearly every day at both terminals and on the ferry itself. These are great opportunities to take the kids out for a fun summer concert experience, relax with some friends and enjoy an adult beverage, or simply go check out some of the amazing cultures that have developed around the Delaware Bay! For more details on the artists playing and the locations of these family-friendly concerts, check it out here

Watch the fireworks

There are numerous safe and exciting firework shows that take place around the Delaware Bay — especially around the Fourth of July! There is often at least one firework event at each terminal around the beginning of July, and this year, there is even a firework cruise on July 3 where you can enjoy fireworks from the ferry or while boating. So, to celebrate Independence Day festivities in Delaware this year, take your Freedom Boat Club boat out on the bay and go boating to enjoy all the firework shows — for free! 


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Go boating

As of May 1, we have officially opened up our Freedom Boat Club of Delaware at the Lewes Ferry Terminal! This means that Freedom Boat Club members all over Delaware and across the country can now enjoy a variety of boat share boats to be taken out on the bay whenever they please! The world’s largest boat club just got a little bit bigger! Interesting in boating at the bay? Join Freedom Boat Club in Delaware for easy, fun, and affordable boating!